Summer is around the corner and we are hard at work! After the rough winters we want to make sure our stores are top notch for the summer season. Each year in May we conduct a White Glove, where stores spend weeks preparing for and take pride in it! White glove is exactly what it sounds like. Executives from our True North Headquarters head out to our 110 locations throughout Ohio and suburbs of Chicago with a white glove in hand making sure there is not dirt or dust on any surfaces. Stores must receive a 97% or higher in order to pass their White Glove test. Examinations include from outside lot to the inside nooks and creases. The lots must be cleared of any and all debris, pumps must be wiped down spotless, fresh paint applied to exterior, all machines taken apart and cleaned, new signage ordered and replaced, not a speck of dust is to be seen or unseen, and much, much more. No, this is not just cleaning the surfaces… this is the real deal SPRING CLEANING!

So, why do we put so much effort into keeping our stores so clean?? Our tagline in “Fast, Friendly, Clean” and we make sure to deliver our customers exactly that. We want your gas station experience to be a clean and welcoming experience! Stay tuned from some store results!

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